ZENVIA launches the Marketing Campaign Manager solution

ZENVIA Campaign tracks multi-channel journeys in an easy-to-use interface

SAO PAULO, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Zenvia Inc. (“ZENVIA” or “Company”) (NASDAQ: ZENV), the leading cloud-based CX communication platform in Latin America enabling businesses to transform their existing communications with end customers throughout their lifecycle, today announced the launch of its new marketing campaign product, ZENVIA Campaign.

Managing marketing campaigns across different channels is a task that can be challenging for many businesses. This is the reason for launching ZENVIA Campaign. Unlike other tools on the market, this feature has been developed to offer multi-channel communication throughout the user journey. Businesses can now engage with consumers using a combination of direct and indirect channels, allowing users to react to brand actions in the channel they are most active on, effectively contributing to campaign success.

For example, companies can initiate the first contact via WhatsApp and preset another message at a scheduled time to be sent via another available channel. “This flow prevents the user from becoming saturated, contributing to a better experience. It is possible to orchestrate the journey so that the messages always arrive at the most opportune moment. With the ability to integrate different channels, the campaign also becomes more effective“, Explain Bruno Tonettohead of the ZENVIA Campaign business unit.

ZENVIA Campaign also allows you to manage the contact database within the platform, regardless of the channel used. Businesses will be able to exclude and include new consumers in a list, making it easier to segment the target audience at a particular stage of the campaign. This feature provides autonomy to managers, as they can select customer profiles for a specific channel and later include or exclude them from automation rules.

The launch is part of ZENVIA’s strategy to leverage organic growth through the introduction of new SaaS products to its growing customer base. The ZENVIA campaign is first launched in the Brazilian market and will be rolled out in Latin American countries until the end of the second quarter of 2022.

About Zenvia

ZENVIA aims to enable businesses to create unique experiences for customer communications through its end-to-end unified platform. ZENVIA enables companies to transform their existing customer communications from non-scalable, physical, and impersonal interactions into highly scalable, digital-first, and hyper-contextualized experiences throughout the customer journey. ZENVIA’s end-to-end unified CX communications platform provides a combination of (i) SaaS focused on campaigns, sales teams, customer service and engagement, (ii) tools, such as interfaces software application programming, or APIs, chatbots, single customer view, journey designer, document composer and authentication, and (iii) channels, such as SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, Instagram and Webchat. Its comprehensive platform assists customers with multiple use cases, including marketing campaigns, customer acquisition, customer onboarding, disclaimers, customer services, fraud control, cross-selling and customer retention, among others. ZENVIA shares are listed on the Nasdaq under the symbol ZENV.

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