YouthZone Column: Colorado Gives Day Provides Year-End Opportunity to Support Local Nonprofits

One of the most rewarding feelings in your world can come from giving, whether it’s a simple act of kindness or supporting an important cause. While philanthropy is often associated with great wealth, all of us have a desire to promote the welfare of other philanthropists. All that is needed is a concern for the community and the ability to provide any level of support.

Colorado Gives Day is year round finding information and giving it all in one place. This tool helps donors understand what each nonprofit does and offers options to donate once or continue to give year round through monthly donations.

Colorado is home to over 20,000 nonprofit organizations. Mountain West Gives is one way to give to organizations in your area. This alliance was created on the basis of the mutual needs we all share and the belief that we must all grow together to serve our community. Non-profit organizations rarely operate alone. Whether it’s caring for our young and old, caring for the planet, or caring for our culture, all of these causes have a backbone of supporters, and much of that backbone. goes through multiple causes.

Our organizations rely on community support to support operations and complete capital projects. Without these organizations, many of the needs of our community fall through the cracks. Not only would we see those who struggle to manage their lives have more limited resources, but our cities and counties would have to provide these services and find the money in their budgets to fund these services.

YouthZone is Aspen’s only non-profit organization in Parachute that provides diversion, intervention, education and counseling services to youth and their families. With the collaboration and direct referral of schools and law enforcement, staff do the life-changing work of guiding our youth to success. The programs provide the tools families need to better self-regulate, so that young people can successfully reintegrate into their families, schools and communities, and ultimately create safer communities.

Since 1976, 43,000 young people and their families have been assured of a better future thanks to the advocacy and support provided at critical moments in their lives. It is the contributions and support we receive from our community that have strengthened the work of YouthZone over the past 45 years. A big part of YouthZone’s philanthropy is delivering our services to as many young people and families as possible, regardless of their financial means. Without the support of donors like you, we would not be able to reach the families in the region who need us most.

During the holiday season, there are many ways to participate in year-end giving. Every dollar makes a huge difference, and donations are often matched by leading philanthropists. Return on investment is a stronger community for the donor and the recipient.

Many people prefer to make smaller, intermittent donations. With these ongoing opportunities, you can make a steady stream of donations of as little as $ 10 per month to support causes that matter to you.

Colorado Gives Day is your chance to come together and give back to the nonprofits that work every day to improve our communities. You can schedule a donation anytime between now and December 7th so your donation appears on Colorado Gives Day and local nonprofits can take advantage of the additional incentives. You can plan your one-time or recurring donation today through Colorado Gives:

Carol Wolff is Director of Development at YouthZone. She brings 11 years of experience to YouthZone as Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater in Grand Lake and then the Colorado Honor Band Association in Denver since 2015.