Youth Resource Bank will miss outgoing coordinator – Santa Cruz Sentinel

The Santa Cruz County Youth Resource Bank bids farewell to our Vice President and Service Request Coordinator, Nathan Benjamin. Nathan stepped in 20 years ago and volunteered to help vulnerable youth in our county. The Youth Resource Bank has no paid staff and relies on the support of its all-volunteer board. Nathan gave new meaning to community volunteering. He lent a helping hand whenever needed, and his energy and drive led the organization to become more effective and efficient.

The Youth Resource Bank is a 5013c non-profit organization that accepts applications from agencies that have exhausted all other possible resources. Nathan’s compassion shone through in his role as one of the reviewers of these applications. Regardless of the size of the request, he would ensure that qualified families get what they need.

Nathan will be missed on the Youth Resource Bank Board, but we know he will continue to support our community, putting “kids” first.

—Salvador Allen, Santa Cruz

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