Winfield community turns out to support agent after stroke | Local news

The sound of sirens and horns filled the streets at 11:30 a.m. on January 24, as the town of Winfield was filled with love and support for Agent Chris Delp.

Delp recently suffered from a stroke, leaving him mostly paralyzed on his left side. While currently an officer for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, Delp is also a beloved member of the Winfield community, having grown up there and worked for their fire department for many years, before to be transferred to neighboring counties.

The day before, Delp was escorted home by fellow police officers from the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

“When I saw them all outside the hospital, I was so overwhelmed and at a loss for words because they’re not just colleagues, they’re my family,” said Delp.

Delp’s wife, Lynette, and friends Dawn Garver, and DJ Mitchell were able to get together and plan a “welcome home” parade for their close friend.

“When we heard about her coming home, we knew we had to show her our love and support for her somehow,” Garver said.

Parade participants included members of the Old Monroe Police Department, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, O’Fallon Fire Department, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Protection District against the fires of Winfield-Foley and the Winfield Police Department.

Support for Delp spilled over as more than 100 cars, not only from professional colleagues but also from a multitude of community members came with waves of encouragement and signs of appreciation for their colleague. first responder.

“I knew when my wife brought me outside something was going on, but I didn’t expect to see all of these people coming to me,” Delp said.

“When we were asked to come and do it, no one hesitated because everyone here today has so much respect and love for him,” said Arron Lee, Winfield Fire Protection District. Foley.

“Chris would do anything for anyone so for everyone to come and do it for him I’m sure he felt so appreciated,” said Kayla Farley, a friend of the Delp family.

Mitchell said helping to organize the parade in such a short time was actually very easy.

“Honoring Chris was so easy to do because he’s the most selfless person I’ve ever met,” he said.

“I have never felt more blessed in my life to work with these people, and the fact that they are coming here to see me leaves me speechless,” said Delp.

To his peers and friends, Delp is an inspiration to his family and community, and he continues to fight the effects of his stroke by persisting with ongoing therapy.

He shared that his favorite quote is “evil wins when good men do nothing”. It was evident by the outpouring of support for him that he is indeed one of those good men.