White becomes first volleyball coach, assistant athletic coordinator at West Fork

When Tammy White saw the opportunity to do it a second time, she jumped at the chance.

White has been hired as the West Fork volleyball coach and assistant athletic coordinator for the new New Caney ISD High School, which opens in the fall.

“I tell coaches I work with all the time, ‘If you ever get the chance to open a school, go for it,'” White said. “When you open those doors…you watch the first class of graduating students walk through the building…it’s just magical. It’s been the funniest part of my career. »

White has spent the past six years at Huffman-Hargrave after opening Kingwood Park in 2007. She was released from her contract with Huffman on April 1 and since April 4 has been staying at Woodridge Forest Middle School to begin preparations of the opening of West Fork. She is joined at Woodridge Forest by new West Fork sports co-ordinator and football coach Dougald McDougald, whom she has worked with in the past.

White, who will also take on a teaching role to be determined, will be formally introduced at Monday’s school board meeting.

“I’m really, really excited about this opportunity,” White said. “Not only is this a great opportunity to work for a great school district, which is New Caney ISD, but it’s also a chance to learn from the best in the industry.”

This is White’s first administrative role in his 24 years of education, including two years in the private school sector. She worked with McDougald and New Caney ISD athletic director Jim Holley at Kingwood Park.

“I’m excited to work with coaches,” White said. “I am thrilled to share what I have done over the past 22 years in public schools and two private schools. Just so I can share these experiences with other coaches who want to grow, learn and succeed, I’m excited about it. Everyone wants someone in their corner. I just want to be an extra pair of hands, an extra pair of ears next to them.

While at Huffman, White coached the Falcons in the Region III-4A Tournament for all six seasons.

West Fork will only open to freshmen in the fall. She will coach freshmen volleyball the first year before the Gators begin competing at the Class 4A varsity level in 2023-24.

White was able to get a glimpse of college volleyball talent and began to build relationships with coaches at Woodridge Forest.

“I was very impressed with the discipline they instilled,” White said. “I feel like we have a good solid base. I’m excited to continue working with these middle school coaches when the kids come into the high school program.

West Fork will host a volleyball camp June 13-16 for students in grades seven through ninth. The Gators will also host speed camps and open gyms over the summer.

“I’m really ready to officially step onto the court,” White said. “I am delighted to know these children. The first thing you need to do is build relationships and build trust. We will do this with anyone who wants to participate in the program. Once they have entered, a buy-in will be required.

“It’s about keeping the game fun. Just stay positive. Always looking for solutions. Approach each day as an opportunity to improve yourself. That’s what we’re going to focus on. »

This is the start of building the foundation for the volleyball program, which is the same role she will play in building the school. When White began studying the West Fork plans, it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

“I thought to myself, I’ve done this before,” White said. “If I’m lucky enough to do it twice, it’s definitely worth working to make it a success.”

Jim McCurdy is a freelance sports journalist.