Vacancy: Academy Education Support Officer


Academy Education Support Officer


Responsible for the education and care of the Academy’s players


The Academy Education Support Officer is responsible for supporting and coordinating the player training plan on full-time, hybrid and part-time training models to ensure a first-class playing experience.


Lead the implementation of the ‘day out’ program for players on the hybrid training model

Liaise with key stakeholders to ensure the existence of signed data sharing agreements for each player from U9 to U16

Liaise with key stakeholders to develop home-school-club agreements for all players on the hybrid training model and ensure their effective delivery

Ensure the program is delivered in accordance with youth development regulations and PL education requirements

Oversee the provision of effective tracking and tracking of player education progress on hybrid and part-time training models

Identify risks and design and implement interventions to support / prioritize the progression of player education on hybrid and part-time training models

Oversee the development of meaningful individual learning plans for players on hybrid and part-time training models

Maintain open and effective lines of communication with parents, schools and staff on player progression and availability on the hybrid model

Liaise with the operations department to ensure the hybrid model transport program is planned and executed effectively and efficiently

Support the delivery of the full-time education model as needed

Provide support on the delivery of all Academy education activities as required

Provide coverage for the provision of PDP education, as needed


Support for the implementation of the Academy player care strategy and the holistic development program (life skills) to players and stakeholders in all phases

Support the maintenance of the accommodation program, as needed


Maintain educational facilities and resources to provide a first-class education and development environment

Ensure the department provides a first-class experience for players, parents and staff

Prioritize the Academy’s duty of care to players and ensure best practices at all levels of the department

Work independently at an agreed level and in the best interest of the Academy

Forge positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders for the benefit of the Academy

Be visible to all internal and external stakeholders and support key staff when liaising with parents at critical times

Uphold all club and academy policies by ensuring best practices in areas such as protection, health and safety and equality, diversity and inclusion across the coaching department

Live the values ​​of the Club and defend our culture to help implement the performance plan of the Academy and ultimately the vision of the Academy and the Club


Advocate for innovative and emerging best practices by accessing internal and external sources of expertise to contribute to continued personal development and the Academy’s overall program

Participate in the Academy’s staff development program and attend all CPD events

Participate in all external CPDs to ensure compliance with PL, EFL and NGB standards


Undergraduate level in education, sports science, athletic training or similar

Child protection certificate

DBS control with prohibited children list control

FA Level 1 Coach Award

UK driving license

Understands the current Academy system and the professional football culture and landscape

Has applied knowledge of EPPP standards and work practices

Understands how a long-term, holistic development program is structured

Understands the function of each facet in a multidisciplinary team in an Academy

Has demonstrated knowledge of health and safety policy and best practices

Has demonstrated knowledge of safeguard policy and best practices

Has a strong awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion

Experience working within a multidisciplinary team to support player development


Creates positive learning environments Plans and offers stimulating and age-appropriate activities

Identifies and responds to the needs of players by adapting their practice accordingly

Uses precise and age-appropriate content

Communicates using a variety of methods and using age-appropriate vocabulary

Able to justify and reflect on their practice and beliefs

Builds positive relationships with players, staff and all stakeholders

Demonstrates excellent listening, verbal and written communication skills

Competent with modern technologies that support the performance of their duties

Proficient user of the performance management application (PMA)

Inspires others and is a positive role model Is personable and able to connect and build relationships with others easily

Demands high standards and has attention to detail

Shares the vision and values ​​of the Academy and is motivated to achieve its goals

Aligns with the Academy’s play and training philosophy

Takes a long-term view of player development and aligns with the Academy’s approach to winning

Has a passion for talent development and is motivated to work with young players

Able to work in a high level environment with regular media coverage and public interest Is responsible and acts in the best interest of the Academy Is open-minded, innovative and willing to explore new ideas / concepts

Enjoys taking on challenges and having the resilience and ingenuity to complete complex tasks Is proactive and able to identify and mitigate risks Is a collaborator and enjoys the opportunity to work alongside others to overcome challenges and achieve the goals

Eager to share their knowledge experience as part of a community of practice

Able to work with players, staff and other stakeholders of various ages, backgrounds, backgrounds and cultures

Committed to personal development and continuous improvement Has a strong work ethic and is motivated to give the best of themselves

Able to promote the positive image of the Academy and the Club