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The Airmen and Family Readiness Center has a new Family Support Coordinator for the Outstanding Family Member Program (EFMP): Jenny Hartman! For 11 years, Hartman worked with the Navy’s EFMP in San Diego, Calif., Before joining Minot Air Force Base in May 2021.

As a Family Support Coordinator, she focuses on liaising with support services and providing resources to families enrolled in the program as a PCS. “When families move from one duty station to another and are enrolled in the program, we make sure to meet with them and ask for any information regarding the services they may need in the next duty station. ‘posting so that we can facilitate that for them. For example, there may be families enrolled in the program because they have a child in special education at school. So we make sure that the duty station knows that the child is receiving special education and things like that, ”she explained.

The EFMP was originally created to support children with special needs of Airmen, but the program has since expanded to provide resources to any family members who may need them. They coordinate with a family’s future duty station and offer comprehensive information on base, parent training programs, support groups, relocation assistance, financial management, information about school, etc. All of these services are aimed at alleviating the unique burden on military families when they move to their next home.

“It’s kind of like a warm transfer so they don’t end up in the totally lost place,” Hartman said. “When you move from one place to another it can be a struggle, let alone having a child with special needs, so it’s important to have that connection.”

While Hartman can help families on the outside, she has also had her own experience of the need for EFMP due to a child with severe asthma. “When I needed the program I didn’t know it was available. If I had known I would have slept much better,” she said. Hartman hopes to introduce the EFMP to families at Minot AFB so they don’t have to walk the difficult journey alone.

“What I like the most [about being a Family Support Coordinator] has an impact on someone’s life … by taking the difficult task of moving from one place to another and making it easier for them. Moving is a struggle, but if I can give you the phone number of someone who can help you find housing or set up special education for your child, it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. thing, ”Hartman said.

If there is one thing Hartman would like the families at Minot AFB to know, it is, “We are here for them. No question is too big and we will do our best to find an answer or a resource. let them make the transition easier. ”

For more information on EFMP, contact the Airmen and Family Readiness Center at 701-723-3950 or visit You can also visit the AFRC at 291 Peacekeeper Place, Minot AFB.