The mayor of Seville supports the local police officers sentenced for the murder of a thief

Two Seville local police officers accused of murdering a supermarket robber have received backing from the city’s mayor.

Antonio Muñoz, the mayor of Seville, today, Saturday June 18, showed his full support for two local police officers who have been charged with the crime of reckless murder for shooting a criminal during a robbery army in the city.

The incident took place in a Cashfresh supermarket in the Amate district. A robber known as “The Devil” entered the establishment and threatened employees and customers, including a child, and even fired two shots inside the store.

In a tweet, the mayor highlighted that this week has been “difficult” for local police after a judge decided to prosecute the officers, expressing confidence that the case will be resolved favourably.

“My support for professionals who risk their lives on a daily basis, respect for the presumption of innocence, and confidence that the justice system will make the truth triumph,” he wrote.

Despite the circumstances of apparent self-defense in which the police action took place, according to all the evidence gathered during the investigation, Reyes Flores, Seville’s Investigating Judge No. 8, issued an order, dated May 30, in which he prosecuted the two local police officers for a crime of reckless homicide.

In court documents, to which had access, the judge tells how the events unfolded in the afternoon of July 23, 2021. Juan Jose VG, accompanied by another criminal, went to the Cashfresh supermarket on Calle Contador around 20h.

In security video footage of the incident, the thief and his accomplice can be seen stopping a moped – which they had previously stolen – right on the doorstep of the business. Immediately afterwards, Juan Jose VG – known as “the devil” bursts into the premises brandishing a sawed-off shotgun which he had also stolen earlier.

The robber hid his face with a motorcycle helmet and at the entrance surprised customers in the queue. He hits the cash register several times with the shotgun, and the cashier finally hands him a drawer with cash. Since there was very little cash, the criminal is heard telling him “This is shit, give me more money”.


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