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OLAR – South Carolina State University 1890 Research & Extension has announced the hiring of Zachary Jordan as Director of the Research and Demonstration Farm located at Olar.

Jordan, the farm’s first-ever farm manager, will oversee and lead production and sustainable agriculture initiatives and activities at the 200-acre site. Jordan began his role on February 1.

“We are thrilled to have Jordan serve as Farm Manager and work with our agricultural officers and local farmers to advance agricultural innovation and agriculture in South Carolina,” said Dr. Edoe Agbodjan, Associate Administrator of popularization. “Jordan has extensive experience and knowledge of the agricultural industry and has a passion for farming. I can’t wait to see him take the farm to new heights.

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Jordan’s duties include overseeing day-to-day farm operations and maintenance, managing crop production, and plotting ideal field locations on the farm that will produce the best crop yields. As the farm continues to grow in program initiatives, Jordan will be responsible for greenhouse and livestock management.

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“I am thrilled to be able to roll up my sleeves as a farm manager and help advance agriculture in the state and provide impactful knowledge that will serve the community,” Jordan.

“One of my main goals as a farm manager is to develop a framework that will support both research initiatives and the long-term goals of 1890. The current priority is the implementation of the technology across the farm to get the most out of every acre, and every pass of equipment. I also hope that the farm meets the needs of the community and is seen as a resource for our local growers.

Prior to joining SC State 1890, Jordan was an agricultural associate at LaMaster Dairy Center in Clemson since 2017.

The farm has nearly 9,900 square feet of existing facilities, including a farm manager’s residence, hay barn, large equipment shed and two ponds serving as integration sources. The farm is equipped with two center pivots providing irrigation to a total of 60 acres, with plans to incorporate additional irrigation, such as drip and sprinkler systems.

“Since becoming chief operating officer, Zachary has taken the lead with his decision-making and work ethic,” said Dr. Joshua Idassi, state program manager for sustainable agriculture and management. natural resources. “We have big plans to develop the farm to be the best resource with communities and organizations to use farmland, and there [Jordan] will be at the forefront of these initiatives.

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Planned expansion for the farm includes the development of a multi-purpose training center for community meeting spaces, research labs, classrooms and indoor storage for large machinery. The farm will also establish a greenhouse, two greenhouses and a vegetable processing center.

Current agricultural production includes applied hemp research, cover crops, and perennial peanut production. Future agricultural programs and activities include agroforestry, livestock research, aquaculture and community gardening.

Jordan earned his Bachelor of Science in Animal and Veterinary Science from Clemson University. He also served as a member of the United States Navy Hospital Corps from 2009 to 2020.

For more information about the Research and Demonstration Farm, contact Zachary Jordan, Director of the Research and Demonstration Farm, at zjordan@scsu.edu.

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The 1890 Research and Extension Program, a cornerstone of SC State University’s historic land-grant status, assists diverse rural and resource-constrained urban audiences in South Carolina by conducting research that seeks to address issues affecting state residents and providing lifelong learning opportunities. through its many awareness programs.

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