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May 15-21 is National Police Week. I hope our city and our community will turn to faith and grace and show the men and women of law enforcement their appreciation.

Fake news and lying social media fuel an angry nation. Corruption is everywhere! Heinous times when we as citizens simply cannot comprehend the fear a police officer feels when faced with a split-second decision that affects their lives and the lives of others.

If we encounter a police officer, regardless of our race, color or gender, we should expect to respect and respect their orders and actions. Compliance is mandatory, resistance is futile.

During Police Week, let us walk in faith, humility, and gratitude to all of our police, state, county, and conservation officers. We must pray for guidance based on our faith in a world that demoralizes the truth.

Pollyanna Torres


In Cadillac News Rover’s April 30 article on code enforcement, City Manager Peccia says there has never been a code officer. I remember a few years ago when the city police department had Officer Pam Kliffman as their code officer, she wore a uniform shirt and jacket and had her office in the police department. I spoke with her several times and she always got things done quickly. When she retired, the city did not replace her; instead, save his salary and benefits.

The newspaper also says that as part of the city’s budget, $19,000 is earmarked for code enforcement. I believe $19,000 is a pretty fair amount for a job done by someone who works for the city all day on an all day assignment to begin with.

Robert J. Walters


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