Summer Creek offensive coordinator Swinton looks to improve his offense in the spring

When Kenny Harrison first arrived at Summer Creek in 2018, he planned to bring his Port Arthur offensive coordinator Bruce Swinton Jr. with him.

The two spent several years in Port Arthur setting up the program, sending several young men to college and eventually the student-athletes made it to the National Football League.

Then Swinton’s father died and he had to walk away from the game he loved.

“Losing my dad was tough, for sure,” Swinton said. “After losing him I had to walk away from the game. He wanted me to come when he got here, but family was first. After a while I wanted to see if I I still had love for the game, so I went to Madison, I knew I had the love in me and (that I could) help turn this program around.

Last season, Harrison had an opening for an offensive coordinator position, and he knew exactly who to call.

Memories in Port Arthur will never fade from the children touched by the Friday night lights.

In his freshman season at Summer Creek, the Bulldogs made school history by reaching the state quarterfinals for the first time.

He sees a lot of similarities between Port Arthur and Summer Creek.

“When I came here last year, I saw we had chunks,” Swinton said. “The first thing you need to do is maximize your talent. I think we were able to do it, and everyone was excited about Summer Creek Bulldogs football.

Swinton ran sophomore Lloyd Avant over two thousand yards and senior running back Torrie Corrie rushed over 1,000 yards.

Additionally, Swinton used two quarterbacks to lead his offense.

It’s not typical for a team to use two quarterbacks for an entire season.

Jahrik Jones and Cory Nichols parted ways at quarterback.

Swinton saw Jones and Nichols ramp up the most in the spring.

Both Jones, who is a left-handed quarterback, and Nichols are dual threat callers.

“It was a situation we understood,” Swinton said. “We went into each week with a game plan for each quarterback. We’re going to do the same thing this year as we did last year and it’s about maximizing our potential.

Last season, the offensive line was led by 5-Star Texas signing Kelvin Banks. Banks is in Texas after graduating and Swinton and the offensive staff are looking for the offensive line that will step into the spring for snaps.

What Swinton loves about Harrison is the confidence factor.

In the spring, it’s all about giving the players as many reps as possible during training.

The coaching staff evaluates every snap in training.

“What I love about Kenny is that he lets his coaches do their job and trusts us,” Swinton said. “He gives us a lot of flexibility. Spring is all about getting better. I think we’re doing well so far this spring, but we’re not playing Friday nights right now. We’re just looking to get better every day in the spring.

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