Stop showing off as national coordinator, PSC tells Akpabio

The Presidential Support Committee (PSC) has called on the Niger Delta Minister, Senator Godswill Akpabio, to stop presenting himself as its national coordinator.

According to the group, its attention was drawn to an alleged publication attributed to Senator Godswill Akpabio as national coordinator.

In a joint statement released by National Chairman and Founder of the Presidential Support Committee (PSC), Hon. Gideon Samani, and Director of Media and Publicity, Dr. Engineer Kailani Muhammad, the group said Akpabio n is not the national coordinator of the organization.

“He has been suspended since June 2021 for inactivity, lack of good leadership style and effective management, and the suspension has not yet been lifted.

“PSC is a support group that was started by a veteran politician, Rt. Hon. Gideon Samani and was galvanized into action with the strong support of notable politicians, technocrats, patriotic citizens and seasoned administrators, with the aim of working for the success of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and its candidate, President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

“It has members and structures in all 36 states of the federation, 774 local government areas as well as Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.

“At an expanded meeting in June last year, the organization had thoroughly reviewed its activities as well as the performance of its leaders, where it found Senator Akpabio, then National Coordinator, short of measuring up to its standards and therefore issued an indefinite suspension. to him, for his lack of leadership style, ineffective management and inactivity that will drive the organization forward,” the group added.

He said the organization has also removed moles from its ranks, who it says are people identified as working underground to overthrow the organization and divide its members for their selfish interests.

He said the group has changed its name entirely, with committed and forward-looking leaders under the capable leadership of Gideon Samani, adding that the task facing the organization now is to meet the challenges of working for the emergence of President Buhari’s most credible successor in 2023, so he would not tolerate distraction from anyone.

“However, much to our dismay, Senator Akpabio, who is the acting Minister of the Niger Delta Ministry and who was suspended for inactivity and lack of leadership in June last year, is causing discord by supporting and promoting divisive elements that blatantly work for him in order to sow disaffection among CPS members and its leaders.

“With respect to the SCC, the indefinite suspension order issued to Senator Akpabio has not been lifted and it can only be lifted by an expanded gathering of SCC stakeholders who endorsed the suspension. Until present, the organization has yet to hold such an expanded meeting to consider the suspension order, hence the minister remained suspended.

“As someone in a very critical ministry, the minister should refrain from impersonating the national coordinator of the PSC, or using moles and political bigwigs to divide the organization. He should not fall if down by interfering in the affairs of PSC, in which he has no interest,” the group added.

According to the statement, the group respects the office of the minister of the Federal Republic and also expects the minister to take his mission seriously, adding that he should devote more time and attention to the development of the region of the Federal Republic. Niger delta.

“Therefore, instead of dwelling on the affairs of PSC, in which he has no interest at the moment, the Minister should focus more on how to make the Niger Delta region a better place in helping President Muhammadu Buhari achieve his goal of making the region a better place to live.

“If the PSC was so dear and important to him and saw the organization as the platform on which he had mounted to become a minister, Akpabio should not have abandoned him (PSC) or continued to welcome elements who were disgruntled and who divide. Therefore, the best thing the Minister should have done, which would have been more deserving, is to take the honorable path of apologizing to management in order to be reinstated,” the statement added.