‘Stop criticizing and contributing’: Schools cricket co-ordinator says coaches refuse to work

Cricket Schools Coordinator, Ridley Jacobs

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By Neto Baptiste

Step down from your laurels and help improve the system and the players within it, is the advice offered by the cricket coordinator at the Ministry of Sports and former West Indies wicketkeeper, Riley Jacobs.

He also urged people who criticize the ministry’s efforts to earn their pay by showing up for work.

“I want to say to this particular person that we need his help in the Ministry of Sports. He has to come and help us develop these players because for how many years he hasn’t done anything to help develop these players, so he has to come and start helping. He is employed in the ministry and is always paid, so he has to come and help these young people.

“If you think they’re not good enough, come work hard and stop sitting around collecting government money and doing nothing,” he said.

Jacobs pleaded amid revelations that some cricket coaches employed by the ministry did not turn up for regular duties, with one in particular even refusing to work at the school he was assigned to.

“I sent a coach there and they decided they weren’t going to work in any school. So what they’re telling me is that they’re above working in schools. , so now I’m missing a coach at this particular school…so all I can do is report it,” he said.

Jacobs said he had made verbal reports to the hierarchy within the Department of Sports and the matter was not his.

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