Social Care Support Worker (Rehabilitation) job with Lancashire County Council

  • Are you ready for a new challenge? Do you want to thrive in a supportive and team-oriented environment? Would you like to work with people in the community to build on their strengths, promote their autonomy and achieve their goals? If the answer is yes, Lancashire County Council wants to hear from you.

    We have an exciting opportunity within Adult Social Care in Adults Social Care Reablement & OT Central

    The role will consist of:-

  • Be a dedicated and protected resource for case management Reablement
  • Conduct “initial visits” for new people in rehab, and write up rehab support plans and a results and feedback form (within 72 hours of start) and leave a copy at the person’s home.
  • Seek to engage the family and individual for Reablement, focusing on motivating goals and setting correct expectations for service and ongoing care
  • Explain the service to the service user and their family
  • Set “SMART” results that are clear, concise and in plain English
  • Attend each weekly “workload review” with their direct “line manager”
  • Must have a detailed understanding of their individuals progress prior to each formal workload review meeting. If the comments provided by the “rehabilitation provider” are not sufficiently detailed, the SCSO should seek to contact the “rehabilitation provider” to obtain the details necessary to review the case.
  • Attend all “wellness meetings” – This should be considered the priority. In the event of absence, the SCSO shall make arrangements to catch up with the Senior Occupational Therapist (SOT) / Senior Social Worker (SSW) / Team Leader (TM) outside of the meeting and provide and update due actions and individual issues
  • Feedback should be addressed or reviewed with the Team Leader/Senior OT/Senior SW to agree on the best course of action
  • Complete the final exam quickly – Be aware of feedback and understand when the individual is ready for the exam
  • Be aware of how long individuals have been on Reablement and should seek to complete a review after 2 weeks as standard practice (regardless of feedback score)
  • Seek to verify the outcome understood during the “final review” and escalate to the team leader if the needs of the individual during the “final review” are different from those expected
  • Send all referrals for continuing care to their direct “Line Manager” as soon as possible after the “Final Review”
  • Support each other to manage workloads across teams based on absence or uneven demand – this will be reviewed at the weekly ‘wellness meeting’
  • Seek to coordinate absences from work with the rest of the Reablement team and manage vacations with the Team Leader

Job Description and Person Specification

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