Second Harvest USA Branch Manager Brings His Passion To Help Others | Local News

Jennifer Floyd had been on the job for less than a month when she had a moment that demonstrated the power of her passion.

Delivering cartons of food to a family living in a Glynn County motel, America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia’s new branch manager made a child’s day with little more than a few extra bottles of water.

“We had made children’s bags with coloring books, crayons, which had been donated,” Floyd recalled. “And the little girl came, and she saw her bag and she was so excited.”

Seeing the joy on the girl’s face, Floyd struck up a conversation with her while quietly adding extra water and other items to her bag.

“I was putting water on, and the little girl looked at me and she was like, ‘You don’t have to give me water anymore,'” Floyd said. “‘…If you give me all the water, you won’t have any for yourself.'”

A hug and a promise to return ended the encounter that has remained with Floyd ever since.

Floyd started in his new role on February 28 and most recently worked as a store manager at Kirkland’s. She has worked in retail management for nearly 24 years.

Her career has provided her with opportunities to work closely with non-profit organizations and she has long enjoyed helping youth in the community.

In her new position, she is able to exercise this passion on a daily basis to help others.

Great developments are taking place at the local branch under his leadership. An expansion is underway to move into a much larger facility down the street which will include a children’s cafe, a volunteer center and nearly quadruples the warehouse and freezer space to store food and other items.

“We actually bought the building and we met with the architects who will basically start work on this building,” Floyd said. “We want to be in the building by January 2023, maybe February 2023.”

At the Kids Cafe, volunteer chefs will prepare meals that will be provided to students in local after-school programs who face food insecurity.

The volunteer center will include a lounge and other facilities for those who come to support the nonprofit.

And the additional storage space will increase the size of the store where individuals and local nonprofits buy discounted groceries.

“We’re really trying to meet the needs of Glynn County,” Floyd said. “There is a real need here in Glynn County, especially with children and families going through tough times with prices as high as they are on gas and groceries right now.”

Floyd replaced Kalista Morton, who served as local branch manager for many years and recently moved into a new role.

America’s Second Harvest has seen local needs increase in recent years, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with longer lines at drive-thru food distributions and increased demand for mobile pantries which serve households in the more rural areas of the county.

Mobile pantries have also served families who live in motels, where the challenges of cooking and storing food can be significant.

“They may not have refrigerators,” Floyd said. “Microwaves may not heat up as much or may not work. There are things like that that we really have to think about when we go into these areas.

Coastal Georgia’s second US crop covers Glynn, Brantley, Camden, Charlton, Wayne and McIntosh counties.

Glynn County is an underserved area, and Floyd hopes to increase community awareness and partnerships to help provide more food for local families.

America’s Second Harvest receives food donations from companies such as Sam’s Club, Winn-Dixie and Publix before the food can expire or go unsold. The local branch is then able to distribute the donated food or stock its shelves for purchase by individuals or other agencies dealing with food insecurity.

She hopes to bring on board volunteers who share the same passion for this work.

“I so want Second Harvest to be able to take care of all the hunger here in Glynn County,” she said. “I really do. That’s my goal.”