Saugeen Shores will begin seeking a Zoning Coordinator

The Town of Saugeen Shores will begin looking for someone to help with building permits and zoning.

At Monday’s council meeting, chief executive Kara Van Myall made a presentation to the mayor and council on the proposal to move forward with the hiring of a zoning coordinator.

According to Van Myall, the new position would be “responsible for reviewing all construction applications for zoning compliance and supporting inquiries regarding zoning-related issues, and working closely with the Division of planning to help organize development records and fees and maintain city zoning. Ordered.”

She says the creation of this position is necessary, simply because of the high volume of building permit and zoning applications the municipality receives, and that it would go more smoothly with someone to help her.

“It’s really about that customer service and helping people find their way through that cloud permit or that online virtual world because of the complexity of the regulations that we work in.”

The salary for the new position would be funded by money taken by the city from building permits.