Rockport City Manager’s Report: Optional Masks, Assessment of Office Changes, Future of RES Lands


Library Manager Ben Blackmon worked with the library committee to review policies to ensure our current policies work within the new library.

In programming news, with changes to the COVID rules, we are able to restart children’s programming and story walks to the port. Also, the library is in the process of establishing a community cookbook and they are looking for recipes. Residents who wish to participate in the cookbook should contact library staff for more information.


Opera booking agents Nancy Albertson and Kari Luehman work to book events and acts at the Opera. Kari works with Harbor Master Abbie Leonard and the Parks and Beautification Committee to support a summer concert series with Happenings on the Harbor which uses the Marine Park, Mary Lea Park and the Opera House.

We hope to book more events at the Opera this summer, such as the wedding booked last week. The revision of the fee schedule last month following the action of the select committee should be useful in ensuring that we are accessible to all who wish to book their event.


The RES survey is complete and we will hold two public meetings to share the survey results and provide feedback on these results. This first meeting will be followed by meetings with stakeholder groups with specific expertise to contribute to shaping the future of the property.

Finally, the second public meeting will be an opportunity for citizens to give their opinion on the proposals resulting from the public process. At last count, we received nearly four hundred survey responses and the thoughtful way so many residents have approached this concept should go a long way in finding a way forward.

The Planning and Codes Department recently circulated an announcement for a new full-time Administrative Assistant who will assist the Planner/Development Manager and the Code Manager. With some of the changes coming to this department, this position is in a great vantage point to reset the structure and processes in place and help our residents improve and grow their properties. For more information, please contact planner Orion Thomas.

police department

Our police department has been actively engaged in a search for missing persons over the past few weeks. Jared Paradee was last seen at Rockport Suites on February 19. Those with information on his whereabouts should contact the Rockport Police Department.

Our officers have been doing a quick inspection on Pascal Avenue for the past two weeks. Motorists should pay close attention to their speed because judging by the number of tickets written in this area, many are unaware of the speed at which they are driving.

Public works

Plowing and sanding has been a frequent activity for our public works department with a busy February/early March, but as the calendar turns to mid-March, pothole season begins so the team will fill those holes. All city roads are posted at this time, but those with vehicles over the weight limit should contact the Public Works Garage for assistance. We are trying to limit road damage during this incredibly precarious time for the roads, but we also want to adapt where we can avoid weight limits being an unbearable burden on any owner.