R Kelly trial news: Former Singer business manager, co-defendant Derrel McDavid continues testimony

CHICAGO (WLS) — R. Kelly’s former business manager continued to testify Thursday at the singer’s federal trial in Chicago.

Derrel McDavid was Kelly’s business manager when charges and investigations into Kelly and a 14-year-old girl came to light.

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McDavid told jurors he believed Kelly when the RThe &B star denied anything improper with the girl Kelly called her goddaughter.

And McDavid testified that the girl, known as “Jane”, also denied anything sexual when questioned by DCFS and a Cook County grand jury. And after her denials, he believed her too.

McDavid testified, “Her consistent stance that it’s not her on the tape. So far everything she’s said has been consistent and I’ve believed her.”

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McDavid told jurors he followed the instructions of Kelly’s criminal attorney when asked to find sex tapes that might have Kelly and pay the woman and man who wanted sex. money in exchange for the videos.

McDavid told the jury, “I hired experts and I listened to them.”

McDavid testified that he was told the sex tapes were with Kelly and adult women and that he never saw or knew anything about Kelly on video with minors.

Two of Kelly’s sisters have appeared in court as defense teams call witnesses.

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“I’m just glad the whole truth is coming out,” said Lisa Kelly, R. Kelly’s sister. “The whole truth about the extortion, the lies, the inconsistencies. That’s what I’m happy about, I’m glad it all came out.”

“It was definitely about revenge and extortion, it was about that,” said Cassandra Kelly, R. Kelly’s other sister. “But I agree with Lisa, the truth is out, so we’re here to support it.”

In this trial, Kelly is accused of creating child pornography and the three – Kelly, McDavid and Milton Brown – are accused of trying to silence the 14-year-old and her family to avoid prosecution.

In a Cook County child pornography trial, Kelly was acquitted in 2008 after the 14-year-old failed to testify. But at this federal trial, “Jane” testified.

Jurors could begin deliberating on Friday, but that trial is more likely to continue into week five.

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