Position: Head of Transformation at Henkel

Request ID: 22034736
Locations: Ibadan, Oyo and Lagos

Your role
Lead transformation and change management projects:

Initiate, develop and coordinate respective strategic initiatives in line with BU market strategies across business units and operational departments in Nigeria to support business development and reputation (re)building. Lead and ensure the implementation of agreed activities.
Integrate sustainability activities to support growth, improve the perception of Henkel as a corporate citizen and ensure alignment with Henkel’s overall sustainability strategy.
Support projects based on business cases and business units.
Align strategic business development with supporting corporate communications and public affairs and government relations (PAG) activities.
Conduct public affairs and government activities.
Monitor policy development and activities: identify opportunities and challenges resulting from potential policy changes, inform the relevant Henkel departments and adapt the public affairs strategy accordingly.
Stakeholder engagement: Establish reliable partnerships with key stakeholders as well as with strategic institutions, parastatals and commissions.
Analyze the relevance of associations and develop a strategy to take advantage of them (who/why/how). Define CSR activities to help leverage CSR for government public affairs.
PAG agency steering and regular alignment: ensure regular monitoring of agency activities and ensure alignment with business and functions (including regional corporate communications and PAG leadership).
Manage Corporate Communication activities
Media and Stakeholder Relations: Support in establishing, managing and maintaining relationships with key contacts in stakeholder groups based on public affairs strategy.
Coordinate and manage communication with key stakeholders and identify opportunities and challenges to be addressed by the public affairs strategy.
Assist, as required, in supporting corporate communications activities as requested by the Regional Corporate Communications Cluster or SSA Corp Communications.

Your skills:

Minimum of 5 years of experience in corporate, public communication.

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