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Published on June 25, 2022 at 08:07

The Pleasant Valley School District’s business manager on Friday turned down the post of Bethlehem-area school district’s chief financial officer after getting a raise Thursday night.

The school board has approved giving Michael Simonetta a raise of approximately $20,000. It was not originally part of the agenda, but was added at the start of the meeting.

Simonetta was a candidate for a new position as Bethlehem’s chief financial officer with a salary of $177,000. Nominating the administration to hire him was on their school board’s agenda for Monday night.

Simonetta said in an email on Friday that he had withdrawn his name for consideration for the position in Bethlehem.

Prior to coming to Pleasant Valley, he was the Chief Operating Officer of the Easton Area School District. He arrived at the PVSD in May 2021 with a salary of $145,000. The new raise puts him at $165,000, $5,000 less than school district superintendent James Konrad.

Mark Fitzgerald, the school district’s attorney, said the reason for the increase was that Simonetta would take on additional responsibilities.

School Board President Susan Kresge said, “I think Mike has done a wonderful job for us. We have other things to do. As you all know, our buildings need repairs, and we’ve talked about getting into construction projects, and we need Mike’s expertise on that. There are also a few other things that Mike can help us with, so it was the wish of the board to do so.

Simonetta has assumed human resources responsibilities since the beginning of the year following the resignation of human resources director Jessica Tomon. The school district announced its replacement, Lori Fulmer, at the June 9 school board meeting. Fulmer will start his new job as a human resources supervisor on July 5.

The business manager wasn’t the only Pleasant Valley employee on another school district’s agenda.

Pleasant Valley High School Principal Kelli George was on the agenda in the Palmerton Area School District to be the next Towamensing Township Principal. His nomination was approved.

According to George’s biography on the PVHS website, she graduated in 1988 from Pleasant Valley High School and has been studying for 29 years. She started as a paraprofessional in 1993 in the Stroudsburg School District.

George then moved into teaching in 1995 at Pleasant Valley Intermediate School, where she became Dean of Students in 2012. She became Vice Principal of PVHS in 2018 and Principal in 2021.

Superintendent Konrad said in an interview that George wanted to go to Palmerton because she lives in that school district and didn’t want to miss the chance to be an elementary school principal there because those positions don’t come up. often.

“I really like the work she’s done,” Konrad said.

George takes a pay cut to go to Palmerton. His new salary will be $90,000. It was $118,000 at PVHS.

His pension will not be affected by the move, as public school districts contribute to pensions managed by the public school employee retirement system. No matter how many public school districts an employee works for, there is only one pension.

As for George’s replacement, Konrad said he would definitely consider someone currently on staff at the Pleasant Valley School District.

“We always want to value the talent we have internally,” he said. “Someone may be waiting for this opportunity.”