Oswego Health: How You Can Support Local Health Care


For 140 years, patient-centered care has been at the heart of Oswego Health’s mission, and now the not-for-profit healthcare system needs your help.

The organization Oswego’s health campaign is currently underway, raising funds to help continue and improve their services to patients in Oswego County.

“We have been truly fortunate to have so much support from our community, businesses and individuals, donors, grateful patients, foundations, and we are very happy to approach the goal of our campaign and we are so grateful that we can raise funds. the money we need to support the projects we think are important, ”says Margaret Barclay, Executive Director of the Oswego Health Foundation.

Nowadays, Oswego’s health campaign has already contributed to the financing of three major projects:

  • A modernization of inpatient care with comprehensive renovations to the third and fourth floors of Oswego Hospital. Many rooms are now private with comfortable spaces for patients and their families, which will help solve the issues patients fear most during a hospital stay: infection, exhaustion, and noise.
  • The Lakeview Center for Mental Health and Wellness. The new facility is 42,000 square feet and state-of-the-art and will help Oswego Health successfully treat patients with care that was not previously readily available in the region.
  • The new Orthopedic Care Center in Fulton. Oswego Health is committed to providing members of the community with high-quality personalized orthopedic care, and the new center has its own dedicated digital imaging equipment, allowing an orthopedic surgeon to quickly diagnose bone and joint problems.

“Making this investment now will ensure that we have cutting edge technology and what the community needs for the next 100 years,” says Ed Alberts, who chairs Oswego’s health campaign.

Ed’s wife Emily has a very personal reason for supporting Oswego’s health campaign.

“A dear friend of mine received care through Oswego Health and the kindness, just the kindness, that was shown and demonstrated and felt at a really difficult time is truly memorable and it really boils down to being so grateful to the Oswego Health team, ”she says.

Oswego Health is a not-for-profit, independent health system, which means it is not owned by a large out-of-town corporation. This helps them provide care at home, with local health professionals making the decisions.

Over 1,200 people work for Oswego Health at 17 locations, making the company one of the largest employers in Oswego County. Most donated to Oswego’s health campaign, showing that they believe in their work and in their employer.

Barclay says their financial support – and yours – is critical to their success.

“They are investing in the future of health care. Oswego Health is extremely important to our community. We’re a small but strong riding that really supports each other in this time of need, and I think stories like Emily’s are wonderful to hear and they help us do the work that we need to do. -Saying ensuring that Oswego Health remains strong and independent and serves our community in the way it should be cared for. “

Click here if you would like to donate to Oswego’s health campaign or bid on an item in their online auction.

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