Newport Beach City Manager Update: Recycling, Adult Summer Sports, My Water Pledge

Grace Leung

By Grace Leung, City Manager of Newport Beach

The rollout of new green-top organics recycling carts by Newport Beach waste contractor CR&R nears completion on Friday, April 15. CR&R has distributed thousands of carts of organics to residential households since January to meet the state’s requirements for recycling organic waste, which includes yard waste and food scraps, which went into effect in January 2022.

Every household should now have a green-top organic recycling cart. If you are missing your cart, please contact CR&R Customer Service at (949) 667-4158. If you would like to request additional carts, visit, CR&R’s new customer service web portal. You will need to create a Web-Pak account, then you can trade cart sizes, request large item pickup, pay bills, request or remove additional carts, and request valet services.

If you want to replace your organics cart with a different size, you can do so now through the web portal. Newport Beach residents are entitled to their choice of garbage carts. For the black roof garbage carts, you can choose between two 32-gallon, one 64-gallon, or one 96-gallon carts. Blue-top recycling cart options are up to two carts of any size and one green-top organics cart of any size.

You can also use the web portal to request additional waste carts, at an additional cost depending on the size of the cart. It is no longer allowed to leave garbage bags on the street or on the sidewalk. Starting May 1, trash placed on the sidewalk or in a trash can with an open lid will incur a $2.47 fee for each instance after the first warning. This does not apply to bulky item pickups.

If you’re interested in deployment services for your weekly trash and recycling, Newport Beach offers two options: standard and premium valet services. Standard Services will pick up your cart within 8-15 feet of the curb for $8.30 per month. Premium Valet will pick up carts more than 15 feet from the curb for $27.68 per month. Valet services are free for residents with disabilities upon presentation of proof. Curbside and alley services are free.

As a reminder, participation in the new organic matter recycling program is not optional. The City of Newport Beach, along with all cities in the state, are required to comply with a new law mandating the recycling of organic materials to reduce landfill impacts and reduce greenhouse gases.

For more information on the state-mandated organics recycling program, please use the following resources:

We appreciate your cooperation as we work to meet the state’s organics recycling requirements.

Scholarships available for seniors and college transfer students

The City is accepting scholarship applications from college-bound seniors and transfer students by Monday, May 2 at 5 p.m. to win up to $700 toward education costs.

The City of Newport Beach Ackerman Scholarship Program was established to help qualified students obtain a higher education. Funds for the program are provided by an endowment from the Ackerman Trust. Scholarships can be used for tuition, books, lab and/or university fees.

For eligibility information and to apply:

Registration is now open for Adult Summer Sports

Newport Beach Adult Sports Leagues provide the opportunity to be active, compete and have fun in a team environment. Registrations are now open for all summer leagues.

The city offers a wide variety of sports for a range of skill levels and competition. Join your list of friends, family and colleagues in one of our traditional sports leagues (basketball, soccer and softball).

Looking to meet new people and compete in a more social atmosphere? Sign up as an individual player in our sand flag soccer, kickball or beach volleyball league.

You can find more information about each league at or contact us at [email protected]

Help Newport Beach reach number 1: take “My Water Pledge” today!

As of Friday, April 15, Newport Beach ranked 6th among all cities in the United States in the Wyland Foundation’s 2022 National Mayor’s Challenge for water conservation. Help us reach number 1 by taking My Water Pledge today on

My Water Pledge is a friendly competition between cities across the United States to see who can be the most “water wise”. Mayors across the country are challenging their residents to conserve water, energy and other natural resources on behalf of their cities through informative and easy-to-use online pledges.

Pledge takes less than a minute and you’ll be automatically entered to win one of many prizes. Last year, the challenge awarded more than $50,000 in prizes to nearly 300 residents of US cities. Cities with the highest percentage of residents who complete the challenge will earn the Water wise designation (in multiple categories based on population size).

The 2022 challenge runs until April 30.

Return of drought conditions

In response to the persistent drought conditions, we are asking residents and businesses to reduce their water usage where possible.

Future drought water restrictions are very likely. In preparation, the City has made significant investments in leak detection, new digital water meters, and beautification of the City with drought-resistant landscaping.

Additionally, many private properties across the city have made major investments to reduce their water usage. For water saving programs and rebates, visit

Be well updated

The Be Well Mobile Crisis Response Team operates in Newport Beach 12 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to mental and behavioral health crises. The mobile unit is staffed with mental health specialists and paramedics and works closely with the city’s police and fire departments.

This week, the Be Well team:

  • Transporting a person to a crisis stabilization unit for mental health care.
  • Helped a homeless couple in Newport Beach return to their former neighborhood of residence.
  • Carried two people to the shelter of the Costa Mesa bridge.
  • Accompaniment of an elderly person in mental health crisis.
  • Provide first aid to three homeless people.
  • Completion of 38 local interactions with residents and homeless people.

Homelessness Update

The City of Newport Beach is providing a comprehensive response to address homelessness through a coordinated effort of city staff, contractors, partner agencies and nonprofit groups.

This week, the City’s Homelessness Awareness and Response Teams:

  • Secure permanent housing for four people: an elderly man who experienced homelessness in Newport Beach for 22 years; an elderly woman who experienced homelessness in Newport Beach for 10 years; an elderly woman who experienced homelessness in Newport Beach for 8 years; and a man who was staying at the Costa Mesa Bridge Shelter after being homeless in Newport Beach.
  • Referred several homeless people to the Costa Mesa Bridge Shelter for temporary housing and services. As of this week, 17 people who were homeless in Newport Beach are now housed at the facility.
  • Arranged for an elderly woman to shelter in a motel before moving into permanent accommodation.

To donate to those living homeless in Newport Beach, please visit our Good Giving Program webpage at

Serve your community! Apply Now for Vacancies on Boards and Committees

The City of Newport Beach is currently accepting applications to fill the following vacancies (all terms are four years, expiring June 30, 2026):

  • Library Board (one seat)
  • Building and Fire Appeal Board (two seats)
  • City Arts Commission (one seat)
  • Public Service Council (one seat)
  • Harbor Commission (three seats)
  • Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission (two seats)
  • Planning Commission (one seat)

All seats will become vacant when existing terms expire on June 30, 2022.

All nominees must be qualified city voters, and none of them must hold any office or gainful employment in city government (City Charter Section 702).

The deadline for submitting applications is Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at noon. Application and further information on councils and commissions is available at or by calling (949) 644-3005. The application and information on boards and commissions can also be accessed on the City’s website at