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Newberry residents support local businesses after Thanksgiving break-in

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NEWBERRY, Fla. (WCJB) – The Newberry community shows its support for a local small business store on Saturday after it was robbed on Thanksgiving Day.

ArchAngel Gunsmithing and Outfitters owners Lee and Casey Mason believe two people broke into their store, opening the door and stealing inventory.

“At around 3:15 am or 3:15 am, in that time frame, we got a call from our security system saying something was going on with our front door,” said owner Casey Mason. “We came and we checked and our front door opened all the way, the glass was smashed,” she said.

Mason said she believed two men broke in using a stolen utility truck to open the door.

She said six items were stolen from the building.

“All the authorities have all the information on what it looks like and what it looks like, so hopefully this will be passed on to all local arms stores and possibly outside the local area,” a- she declared.

Mason said she believed the suspects might be from another county.

Since the incident, a resident of Newberry has taken Facebook encourage people to shop at ArchAngel for Small Business on Saturday.

“It’s very, very welcoming and encouraging to see all of these people come out and show that they support their small businesses and do whatever they can to show their support and help,” Mason said.

A resident who came said he hoped ArchAngel and other small businesses would receive this kind of support year round.

“It’s very important to support a small business on this day and pretty much all of the time,” said Newberry resident Daniel Eby.

The Alachua County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this situation.

The Mason’s said the support they have received shows how close Newberry is to a community.

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