National Democrats Fund Montana Native Vote Coordinator | News

GREAT FALLS (AP) — The Montana Democratic Party is hiring someone to work with tribes to help engage Native American voters, party executive director Sheila Hogan said.

The Democratic National Committee is paying for the new job through a grant program, the Great Falls Tribune reported.

“Our new Native Vote Coordinator will work closely with our Blue Bench program and our Democratic Tribal Committees to engage, educate and educate Native voters in every corner of the state,” Hogan said in a statement Thursday.

The Blue Bench program helps recruit and train potential Democratic candidates and provide them with campaign advice.

The new position became available as the party challenges a law passed by the Republican-controlled 2021 Legislature that prohibited paying people to collect mail-in ballots and deliver them to county election offices.

The party and Montana Tribes argue that the new law creates a barrier to voting for rural and low-income Native Americans, as they may lack regular mail service and have no transportation to a voting site.

A similar voter-approved law that limited people to collecting no more than six ballots was declared unconstitutional in September 2020, in part because it made it harder for Native Americans to vote.