Microsoft adds new shortcuts to Windows 11 Task Manager

Microsoft is working on a redesigned Task Manager interface for Windows 11. Most of the planned changes give the Task Manager a new paint job, but don’t change the functionality of the program.

The next version supports light and dark modes, which are enabled based on system preferences. The full view interface now displays task manager sections on the left side instead of as tabs.

Microsoft released a new Windows 11 Insider build for Dev Channels this week, and with it new keyboard shortcuts for Windows Task Manager.

Many Windows users know that they can launch Task Manager with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Alt-Esc.

When open, users can soon use the following keyboard shortcuts to perform certain actions in Task Manager:

  • Alt-N — to perform a new task. Use Alt-N to bring up the interface, type the name of the executable file and press the Enter key to run the task.
  • Alt-E — to terminate the selected process. Select a task from the task list and use Alt-E to complete it.
  • Alt-V — to switch to efficiency mode for the selected process. Efficiency mode throttles the application to reduce its resource usage while it is running.
  • Ctrl-Tab — browse task manager pages (already exists in Stable).
  • Ctrl-Shift-Tab — browse task manager pages backwards (already exists in Stable).

Several other actions are available and are displayed at the top of the Task Manager page. These can also be executed using the Alt key and the corresponding trigger. Press the Alt key to highlight the available keys in the interface.

Closing words

Windows users who prefer keyboard shortcuts over touch and mouse actions may like the new Windows Task Manager shortcuts. While these can speed things up, it’s worth noting that at least one of them, Alt-E to end a process, is already supported. Pressing the Delete key on the keyboard already terminates the selected process in the task manager.

The new Alt-E hotkey adds a second option, but I don’t see many users switching to it because it requires two key presses for the same action.

Now you: are you using windows task manager? Would you use the new keyboard shortcuts?


Microsoft adds new shortcuts to Windows 11 Task Manager

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Microsoft adds new shortcuts to Windows 11 Task Manager

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The redesigned Task Manager in Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system will support new keyboard shortcuts.


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