Media Availability Recap from Wisconsin Offensive Coordinator Bobby Engram

In his first season with the Badgers, new offensive coordinator Bobby Engram is working to improve Wisconsin’s offense and help lead the team to a Big Ten West title in 2022.

Earlier this week, journalists had the opportunity to speak with Engram on a variety of topics. Here’s a more in-depth look at what the new Badgers caller had to say about some specific players he received questions about.

On the next steps for wide receiver Markus Allen…

“Just keep working. Work out the details of his fundamentals. Free up, run routes. Really own the playbook and at the end of the day go out and finish the game. But you know he’s still young, he has talent, so consistency is key.” – Bobby Engram

Allen is in his second year in the program and has worked with the top 5 wide receivers in fall camp. The Ohio native has caught touchdowns in the last two open practices and is playing well while working both first- and second-team offenses. One area of ​​his game that has stood out this offseason is his ability in the red zone, where he can use his 6-foot-1 frame to protect defenders and his athletic ability to win in 1-on-1 situations.

On Skyler Bell’s play at fall camp…

“Really like Skyler Bell. Just coming to work, comes to training with a professional attitude. He’s smart. He’s a strong guy. Good speed, and he played really hard at the catch point, so he owns the book game and I’m excited about its future.” – Bobby Engram

Bell has been one of the top performers this offseason, playing well in spring and fall camp. The only redshirt freshman, Bell was always the No. 2 wide receiver alongside Chimere Dike in fall camp, and he looks set to play a major role on offense this season.

All the badgers had a chance to speak with Skyler before fall camp, and you can read what he had to say here.

On where he pushes Braelon Allen to improve…

“I think Coach Al [Johnson], Coach Chryst, myself, we all want to keep challenging him to be better at every phase of the game. You know running is something he focuses on, pads are always a big deal for a back. Everything from the tracks to the view of the holes, it’s just a complete game.” – Bobby Engram

Second-year running back Braelon Allen will be a focal point of the Wisconsin Badgers’ offense this year, and he’s lost weight this offseason to improve his speed. Allen has been looking good at fall camp, and there’s no reason to think he can’t replicate the kind of success he had a year ago if he can stay healthy all the time. throughout the season.

On what stands out from fullback Jackson Acker…

“I think the No.1 is his willingness to come in and hit people consistently as a full-back. It’s a different thing when you go from half-back. So I think that’s the Number one. Number two, he’s athletic. You know as a full-back he learns to adapt to different looks and the fronts that we see so he can get to the second tier and the backers. Every play is like a new play with our defense sometimes when it comes to that, but I’m excited about Jackson. He can run. He can catch. He’s a smart guy, so he’s worked really hard this camp to improve. -Bobby Engram

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Acker is transitioning from playing running back in high school and last season. He’s been playing well so far and he’s set to become the Badgers’ No. 1 fullback this year.

All the Badgers spoke with Acker before the season a few weeks ago about his move to fullback and getting ready for the fall.

On what TE Clay Cundiff could bring to the offense…

“I think he did well. He has a good understanding of the playbook. You see, he’s a guy who’s quite physical in the running game, he’s going to get in there and mix it up. But he has enough speed and athleticism to run a lot of routes on the route tree. You know, just try to see what he can do well, and every time you have a tight end that adds a different dimension to the attack. I’m happy for him after missing the spring, he’s worked really hard to come back and you know he can help us.” – Bobby Engram

Engram specifically noted that Cundiff, Jack Eschenbach and Hayden Rucci have done well this fall and are pushing for time in 2022. Cundiff made some big plays a year ago before getting injured, and the Badgers are hoping that he can bring an additional receiving element to the offense this season.

The return of RB Isaac Guerendo…

“I’m excited for Isaac. He’s a big, strong, explosive guy. it can help us win games for sure.” – Bobby Engram

Guerendo works behind Braelon Allen and Chez Mellusi, but the Badgers have done different things in camp to get the ball in his hands as a runner and receive threats. With his top speed, Guerendo is an offset for a linebacker or a safety out of the backfield, and he has the size to run between tackles as a third option.

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