Max Kretzschmar urges Woking fans to support manager and players for Shots return

Honest Max Kretzschmar wants Woking fans to support the squad in the return clash with Aldershot Town on Sunday and admitted: “Our record is bad against them, so we owe them”.

The second part of the National League meeting – Kretzschmar ensuring the first ended with a penalty equalizer deep in the stoppage time – is another massive game for Alan Dowson’s men who edged ahead Dover Athletic Tuesday.

And while Dowson has received sticks in some quarters, Kretzschmar believes supporters’ expectations are too high as they try to compete with former Football League clubs with huge budgets compared to the Cards.

He also believed there could have been more vocal support in the last two games.

“I think so [the atmosphere] was flat against Dover and I thought it was also against Aldershot if I’m perfectly honest, ”he said.

“The fans come with their opinion and they think we are underperforming.

“We need their support. It’s a two-way street. If they see performance on the pitch, they will start supporting us. I understand a little where they come from, but they have to stay with us through thick and thin.

Dowson is being unfairly criticized in some circles by fans and Kretzschmar added: “What he has done for this club is simply exceptional. The community work he does is one thing, but he galvanized the whole city. We were relegated to a previous regime, we got up right away, consolidated the first season and left for a second season which was stopped by Covid-19.

“This season we are working full time and the wait is [seems to be] to finish in the hunt for the play-offs. About 90% of the league is full time and you have budgets like Chesterfield who spent £ 250,000 on a striker, you have Notts County which is really a football club.

“Then there’s Wrexham and others. Yes, we have underperformed in the last couple of months I would say. But now we go to the teams around us. At Aldershot we scored a point and dominated 80% of the game, but again we were sloppy in conceding a goal. Against Dover we dominated again and should have been out of sight against them.

“I can see both sides of the argument, but I’m going to support the manager. What he’s done and what he’s doing, with John Katz and the people behind us, I’m very excited for the future and we just need everyone behind us.

Kretzschmar conceded that the players knew it was up to them to relieve Dowson and added: “He always says ‘give me the pressure’ but it’s ultimately on us and I think we let him down. Yeovil in the league [lost 2-0] and Yeovil last half an hour in the Trophy [lost 3-1], we really let it go. There were a few words between the players after this disappointing result. But I’m looking at 70% of our performances this season and they’ve been solid and if you’re solid you have a chance.

“If you concede goals from set pieces all the time, you really shoot yourself in the foot. It is very obvious where our problems lie and we need to improve that. “

Now comes the home game of Aldershot’s festive brace and Kretzschmar is excited: “It will be a different game from the first,” he said. “In 45 minutes in the first, I think they got into our half about four or five times.

“We have to control the game like we did then. We know our record is poor against them, so we owe them.

“We come into this game after winning which was all that mattered, although it was really frustrating at the end against Dover. In the locker room we seemed a little depressed and so did I. But in reality it’s all about the three points and we have to be happy about that.

“It was a little nervous at 3-2 and to be fair to the fans they did their part towards the end. We need that again on Sunday.