Lonnegren becomes sports coordinator of the Douglas Recreation Center

Nick Lonnegren

The Douglas County Seniors and Community Center has a familiar face taking over as the new athletic coordinator.
Nick Lonnegren, who graduated from Douglas High in 2004, will take over from Scott Doerr, who previously held the position for seven years.
In his new role, Lonnegren expects to continue working with young athletes in Douglas County, which he has done for six years.
“I have always been involved in sport and I have helped young people. When this opportunity came up, I just wanted to get more involved,” Lonnegren said. “I think the rec center is a great place for kids to come in and have an outlet.”
Lonnegren has previously served as a contract trainer for the community center, but this will be his first full-time role with the county.
“He’s been an integral part of youth sports development since returning to Douglas County,” Doerr said. “He has contributed a lot to the success of the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams over the past year. He has been training most of them for many years.
As Sports Coordinator, Lonnegren will be responsible for the youth sports scene at the community center. He will also be in charge of adult recreational league options across the center, including flag football, volleyball, softball, basketball and others.
“I want to keep involving more camps,” Lonnegren said.
After graduating from Douglas High School, Lonnegren played several sports in college.
Lonnegren ran track and played basketball at Butte College before taking the opportunity at Chico State to continue playing basketball.
At Chico, Lonnegren earned his master’s degree, but also coached basketball at Butte College.
He wasn’t just on the sidelines as Lonnegren re-enrolled at Butte College to also take a spot on the football team, where he played wide receiver.
“In football I was just another player and I was 25 at the time,” Lonnegren said. “I always had the aspiration to play football and I sort of went there.”
Since returning to Douglas County, Lonnegren says he wants to be part of the culture and continue to help grow the sports scene that has been such a big part of his own life.
“I know growing up we didn’t have something like that, otherwise I would have been such a big gym rat as I am now,” Lonnegren said.
Around the community, Lonnegren has worked with athletes of various age levels, from Talyn Jackson to Chris Smalley, Anna Bertolone, Kasen Boggs and Jaileen Yarrow.
Lonnegren has also been a retired adult personal trainer since returning to Douglas County.
“I just want to continue the foundation and build a culture of more attitude and effort here for young people,” Lonnegren added. “I love working with athletes who want to keep moving towards their own success.”