JumpCloud Launches Password Manager – My TechDecisions

JumpCloud, an open directory platform for secure access, is launching a password manager to give IT administrators and managed service providers better controls and enable password management across multiple users and groups.

According to the company, JumpCloud Password Manager is based on a decentralized architecture that is a hybrid between a cloud-based manager and an offline password manager, which JumpCloud says is designed to minimize security risks by keeping credentials stored locally on devices. users’ devices and syncing vaults between devices via JumpCloud servers at the end – end-to-end encrypted.

JumpCloud says its password manager can help protect against targeted attacks that attempt to steal master passwords to access credentials stored in traditional cloud-based password managers.

The Louisville, Colorado-based company says JumpCloud Password Manager further realizes the company’s vision of a comprehensive open directory platform that gives IT teams and MSPs a single screen to securely manage identities, devices and access. Designed to take the human factor out of password management, JumpCloud Password Manager builds on technology the company acquired when it purchased password management vendor MYKI in February.

“It’s exciting to see MYKI technology integrated so quickly into the JumpCloud platform. It’s a testament to the strength of MYKI’s technology portfolio and innovation, and a great example of teamwork between the teams in development in many countries and states,” says Antoine Jebara, co-founder of MYKI and general manager of MSP products at JumpCloud.

According to JumpCloud, the company’s new password manager is a good option for organizations where single sign-on isn’t deployed, isn’t a feature-rich option, or isn’t available. Customers can also supplement JumpCloud Password Manager with JumpCloud SSO.

The company says JumpCloud Password Manager is available early and will be available later in the fourth calendar quarter of this year. The price is available on request.