Job: IT Support Manager at The GIG Group


Responsible for installing and configuring hardware and software components
Repair or replacement of damaged equipment
Upgrading systems to enable compatible software
Ensure the installation and upgrade of functional anti-virus software
Testing and evaluation of new technologies
Perform testing on new hardware and software
Define software, hardware and network requirements
Troubleshoot hardware and software issues
The IT support agent ensures to provide IT advice in various departments and to help IT managers.
The IT support manager also provides appropriate assistance to the staff and various customers of the organization.
Train customers in the use of hardware and software to improve available IT support.
Diagnose user errors, email configuration and mailbox creation.
They must also identify errors and record IT-related complaints.
IT support managers should also monitor the performance of each computer system.
Support agents must also troubleshoot computer software to upgrade computer systems.
Support agents must also ensure the security of computer systems.
IT support managers should also document processes and then perform IT-related tests to diagnose problems.
They must keep in mind the latest IT trends and technological advancements. *
Ensure that all departments use technology cost-effectively and meet regulatory standards.
Responsible for overseeing system infrastructure to ensure functionality and efficiency.
Build quality assurance and data protection processes.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Science, Telecommunications or related field
A minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience providing IT support in a corporate or high-paced environment;
Experience in gathering and analyzing business requirements and providing relevant technical support to meet those needs;
Good understanding of current IT security and data protection standards;
Demonstrated understanding of IT management;
Strong troubleshooting and critical thinking skills with the ability to investigate issues and requirements and identify and prioritize appropriate solutions;


Exceptional communication skills
Excellent analytical skills.
Strong work ethic
Technology driven
Result and service oriented

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