Jason Ochart out as Philadelphia Phillies minor league batting coordinator

Since Saturday afternoon, Jason Ochart no longer works in the Philadelphia Phillies organization. He made the announcement in a Twitter post, in which he thanked staff, fans and players for all their support.

He specifically chose ‘The Daycare’, explaining how proud he was to see so many local hitters producing for the big league club.

Dalton Guthrie, the newest addition to the so-called “nursery,” had a big game Friday night, recording his first league and RBI hit. Guthrie is surely one of those minor league success stories that Ochart is so proud of.

In addition to praising the next generation of hitters to reach the major leagues, Ochart also expressed confidence in the player development system as a whole. He firmly believes he is in a much better place than he was when he joined the organization. He is optimistic about Philadelphia’s future.

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Ochart was hired as the Phillies’ minor league hitting coordinator ahead of the 2019 season. He is also a hitting director at Driveline Baseball. He performed both jobs simultaneously throughout his tenure in Philadelphia.

Ochart suggested the decision to leave was his own, writing “After careful consideration, I’ve decided it’s time for something new.” However, a tweet from the Phillies beat writer Matt Gelb from Athleticism implies otherwise. As Gelb said, “The Phillies are going in a different direction with their minor league hitting program after a year of evaluation.”

The two statements aren’t entirely contradictory, but it’s still unclear why Ochart and the Phillies decided to part ways midseason. The team has yet to release an official statement on this.

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