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S Knights Recruitment is a recruitment agency specializing in employability and skills. We recruit for colleges and training providers across the UK.

We are proud to recruit a Career Placement Support Officer. The ideal candidate would have the knowledge and experience to successfully support young people during their internship, this is a permanent full-time position. Our client is a leading charity that works with local and national providers to help homeless youth find work placements and achieve their goals.

Role and responsibilities:
As an Internship Support Officer, you will be responsible for the following:

* Provide young people with safe and quality job placement opportunities by creating and managing a network of local and regional employers
* Support young people in work placement based on their wants and needs to ensure they have a positive experience and progress further in their future career aspirations
* Work closely with an internal team to identify risk factors and ensure youth placement.
* Build relationships with key internal and external stakeholders, including partner companies and DWP job centers
* Support work leaders to ensure young people learn life skills through the learning aspects, support and organization development model

Experience and skills:

The Internship Support Officer will need the following experience:

* Hold an IAG level 3 diploma (or equivalent)
* Experienced with a proven track record in creating progression routes for young people to achieve their goals

* Experienced in working with young people and breaking down silos

* Professional competence working in a similar role such as employment counselor, career coach, career counselor, etc.
* Experience in managing your own workload in a timely manner, while following an annual work plan to achieve corporate goals and organizational strategy.

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