I continue to be AIADMK coordinator, retorts O Panneerselvam

The fight in the opposition AIADMK on the issue of single leadership grew resentful with former Tamil Nadu chief minister O Panneerselvam on Saturday making it clear that he continued to function as party coordinator.

The replica of a Panneerselvam line appears to challenge K Palaniswami’s open submission which he ceases to be coordinator as of 23 June.

“In accordance with the party statutes, I continue to be the coordinator of AIADMK to this day,” Panneerselvam told reporters. after hailing NDA presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu in a five-star hotel here.

Declining to answer further questions about the current party leadership crisis, Panneerselvam said he called Murmu and wholeheartedly gave him the support of the AIADMK in the election.

NDA presidential candidate Droupadi Murmu being congratulated by AIADMK leader O Panneerselvam during a program in Chennai (PTI Photo/R Senthil Kumar)

In his one-page letter to his colleague on June 30, Palaniswami, with the support of the majority members of the party, insisted that Panneerselvam had ceased to be coordinator because the general council of the AIADMK of 23 June had not approved the amendments made. to the party statutes on December 1, 2021.

“Therefore, your position as coordinator ceases to exist,” Palaniswami said in the letter.

The BJP’s Tamil Nadu unit, which continued to address the two leaders as coordinator and co-coordinator, ensured that the infighting did not boil over during Murmu’s visit. The two leaders were cordially received and introduced to the presidential candidate. As Palaniswami, accompanied by his followers, greeted Murmu and took the stage, Panneerselvam and his followers waited in a hotel room and called him after Palaniswami left.

“AIADMK leaders requested a separate audience with our presidential candidate and we agreed,” a senior BJP official told PTI. The BJP leader exuded hope that the leadership struggle within the AIADMK would not affect Murmu’s prospects in the roundups.

Addressing Palaniswami as AIADMK Headquarters Secretary, his supporter and former Minister of State D Jayakumar blamed Panneerselvam for not complying with the General Council decision.

“The General Council is the decision-making authority. Panneerselvam must be blamed for the party crisis,” he told reporters here.