How to support local restaurants in the coming months

DENVER (KDVR) – The next few months could be tough for many restaurants in the area as they continue to rebound from pandemic losses while facing staff and supply shortages.

Fortunately, you can still support your favorite restaurant while saving money.

According to industry insiders, one of the best ways to do this is to order your food straight from a restaurant. Whether on their website or by phone.

Third-party delivery apps take around 30-40% commission on some orders, according to experts.

Another tip: offer to pay for your food in cash.

Often times, credit card fees are the second biggest expense item for restaurants.

“The reason it’s good for the restaurant and the customer is because the restaurant can cut costs and pass them on to you, which is important when you’re watching your wallet,” said Saleem Khatri, CEO of Lavu.

Experts say there’s a new trend called “the cash back program,” where restaurants will cut your bill a bit if you pay in cash.

Also, consider buying gift cards at your favorite restaurants and giving them away as gifts during the holiday season.

“Gift cards have an incredible ROY (Return On Yield) of 121%. So if I buy a $ 100 gift card at a restaurant and give it to a family member, it’s likely that they’ll go spend $ 121 at that restaurant or they just forget to spend money together! Again, this is a win for the restaurant, ”Khatri said.