Former Giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett hints at what’s next for him

Jason Garrett awaits the phone call that will mark his return to training.

Garrett, 56, who was fired as the Giants’ offensive coordinator in a November move that sparked a full house cleanup, said his job as a USFL analyst was “only ‘an opportunity that presented itself’, and adds that while coaching can be done with him right now, he is not done with coaching.

So try as you did, Giants fans, you didn’t make him lose his love of football.

“I love coaching. I love players. I like building teams, all that stuff. It was just an opportunity that came up this season,” he said Friday morning with “Shan & RJ” on 105.3 The Fan. “It just sounded like it was something that was going to be interesting and fun to do. So, I’m diving right now, but all doors are open in the future. I like football. I love to coach. But it’s a fun business to be involved in right now.

Garrett was 85-67 over 10 seasons as Cowboys head coach, winning three NFC East titles and making three trips to the playoffs. The Cowboys and Giants are top franchises.

“There’s a lot of interest in football in Texas and with this organization,” he said. “So it’s quite unique. But they also like their football in other cities. Admittedly, there is a lot of media attention on the teams in New York. But there is no doubt that Dallas is an organization that has been attracting the attention of many people for a long time.

He added that he gets help with his TV work from former Cowboys like Troy Aikman: “These guys have been really generous with me. Obviously, they are great friends of mine. Anything I ask them about it, they are always ready to share. Always ready to give feedback,” he said. “It was fun leaning on them a bit.”


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