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Family and friends come together to support local woman battling breast cancer

MCDOWELL, Ky. (WYMT) – For Denise Blevins, Tuesday night started with a welcome surprise.

“She thinks she’s going out to eat tonight with her kids and her stepdaughter, but she’s not,” Blevins friend Kristy Moore said. “She’s coming here.”

Friends and family gathered with a parade through the McDowell community of Floyd County in an attempt to cheer him up.

“My daughter is trying to get around the fire truck and I was like no you can’t go around the fire truck!” said Blevins. “Then she rolled down the window and I was totally embarrassed. “

Blevins was diagnosed with breast cancer seven years ago and underwent reconstructive surgery to send her into remission. A visit to the doctor in February changed everything, however.

“I thought I was sick because I worked at the pharmacy, so I thought I better go to the doctor and get tested for COVID or whatever,” Blevins said. “Then when I did, it was back.”

Moore supports the fundraising efforts for The Treatment of Blevins. So far, they have raised over $ 3,000.

“We just thought we were going to take the money because she must have write-offs,” Moore said. “She has to stay about two days, come home two days, come back five days. We had enough money to have breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight stays.

As Blevins reflected on her trip, she said there is one thing that makes her fight.

“Just my kids and my family and this one, my grand-baby,” Blevins said. “I don’t want to leave them. “

Blevins is expected to start radiation therapy in the near future.

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