Everything Special Teams Coordinator Joe Lorig Said After Spring Training #12

Oregon has hired Joe Lorig as the school’s special teams coordinator and nickels coach this offseason. After Tuesday’s 12th Spring practice, Lorig spoke to the media about his decision to join the Oregon staff, his first thoughts on Duck’s special teams and more.

Here’s everything Coach Lorig said on Tuesday.

As a native of the Pacific Northwest, isn’t it rewarding to coach in Oregon?

“It’s great to be back home. It’s always been my dream job by far. I’m really excited to be back home and raising my kids here. My wife is from Klamath Falls, so it really is a homecoming for both of us.

What’s going on breaking down special teams individually as much as you do?

“I think it’s really important just because, like in offense and defense, you don’t meet every day. It wouldn’t make sense because the O-Line needs to hear different things from the carriers. ball and receivers and so on and so on. Same thing on defense. I’m a defensive coach. I was a defensive coordinator for a long time, so I model it exactly the same. I don’t want guys disconnect from meetings, and often if you talk about a different position that happens. It’s just to maximize it. There are also team building elements behind it. You get different coaches with different players. You get different job groups together. So there’s a team building element to it too.

How many groups is it divided into?

“We just broke it down. I don’t want to go into detail so people can copy my stuff.