Dothan Pastor, TOPS Wants Community to ‘100%’ Support Local Law Enforcement | Local news

The Reverend Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow of the Ordinary People Society speaks to reporters at a press conference outside the Dothan Police Department regarding the recent wave of gun violence in the community.


A Dothan community action organization wants community members to be 100% supportive of law enforcement despite past criticism.

The Reverend Kenneth Sharpton Glasgow, founder and executive director of The Ordinary People Society (TOPS), was outside the Dothan Police Department on Wednesday surrounded by TOPS members espousing their support for local law enforcement.

Glasgow said he had spoken to other community leaders, state officials and local elected officials about the recent upsurge in gun crime in the Dothan area. Several people have been killed and several others – including 12 and 3-year-old boys – have been seriously injured by gunshot wounds over the past two months.

“We have come to the conclusion that there is not enough support, that there has not been enough support behind our police service on these issues,” Glasgow said. “I speak publicly and ask all pastors, all elected officials, all concerned citizens, all different groups of all kinds to come and support the police service 100% to stop and enforce a ceasefire with all these random murders … “

The appeal comes just months after Glasgow was charged with second degree assault over an incident on January 18, 2020, in which Glasgow is accused of attempting to swallow a substance recovered from his car and biting the one of an officer. fingers when the officer attempted to retrieve the evidence.