Covington town manager announces departure

COVINGTON, Ga. — After leading the day-to-day operations of the town of Covington for nearly three years, City Manager Scott Andrews announced Tuesday that he will be stepping down to take a new job more than 2,000 miles away.

Andrews said he was leaving his position as city manager of Covington to take up a similar role in Bakersfield, Calif.

“It’s bittersweet to leave the community I love,” Andrews said. The news. “However, an exciting opportunity presented itself. I will be joining the City of Bakersfield, California as Deputy City Manager. Bakersfield is the ninth largest city (nearly half a million people) and fastest growing city in California. This is a wonderful opportunity for my family and me. »

Andrews said the job opportunity was just too good to pass up, and his time in Covington helped prepare him for the new venture.

“As our board and staff know, I’m incredibly motivated,” he said. “The greater Atlanta area has been my home for eight years, but the opportunity to help lead one of the nation’s top 50 organizations is too good to pass up.

“I’ve learned so much from our amazing team at Covington,” Andrews continued. “I would pit them against any organization in the region. Covington is a full-service town, with many of the same opportunities as my new organization, but on a larger scale: managing growth, preserving town charm/identity, ensuring adequate infrastructure, and planning for succession of staff. »

Covington Mayor Steve Horton described Andrews as a “very talented” professional who brought a “fresh perspective” to the city.

“Scott and I have always had a great working relationship,” Horton said. “We have been able to accomplish a lot to help this community, especially capitalizing on economic development activities for our tourism growth.

Andrews was first appointed city manager in November 2019 to succeed former longtime city manager Leigh Anne Knight. After agreeing a short-term contract until December 2019, the then city council approved a two-year contract for him from January 6, 2020 to December 31, 2021.

In January, Covington City Council unanimously approved another contractual agreement to retain Andrews until December 31, 2023.

Andrews has nearly two decades of experience in government leadership roles. Before coming to Covington, Andrews was deputy administrator of the city of Smyrna; director of economic development at Sugar Hill; and several other senior positions in Temple Terrace, Florida. Andrews holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a master’s degree in public administration and a doctorate in organizational leadership.

In October 2020, Andrews received the Credentialed Manager designation from the International City/County Management Association.

“I’m so proud of the growth of our team members,” Andrews said. “Team [Covington] is exceptional, from our dedicated frontline staff to our board who are passionate about representing our engaged community. I am so proud to see the Cricket Frog Trail unfolding, along with our public art initiatives, the visitor center, all of our community engagement initiatives, and the success of our heated shelter. But above all, I am most proud of our talented team of 320 people. I like our staff. »

What Andrews said he would miss most in Covington was the community.

“It’s a special place where people greet you, watch you when you struggle, and you can leave your door unlocked at night,” he said.

Andrews said his last day on staff at Covington would be Friday, May 6, with the transition to Bakersfield beginning in June.

As the search to determine Andrews’ replacement begins, Horton said Covington’s director of planning and development, Tres Thomas, who also serves as city engineer, will serve as interim city manager.