City of Framingham Licensing Coordinator Retirement

FRAMINGHAM – The licensing coordinator for the town of Framingham is retiring.

Framingham Licensing Coordinator Diane R. Willoughby served as the city’s sole coordinator. She became Licensing Coordinator for the City of Framingham in August 2016.

the city began advertising for the position this month.

The full-time position in the mayor’s office has a salary range of $66,848 to $75,281.

The Coordinator “performs administrative and management functions for the Mayor’s office, issuing and processing new licenses/permits and renewals for those issued by the Board of Licensing Commissioners and/or City Council. Performs all other related work as required,” the job description states.

The Coordinator serves as the primary point of contact for internal and external customers regarding licensing information.

The coordinator:

  • Acts as the Public Records Access Agent for all license applications.

  • Responsible for a range of administrative and management services relating to the processing, issuance and monitoring of licences/permits for which the Mayor’s Office, Licensing Board Commissioners and/or City Council have authority.
  • Review and respond to incoming mail/email/phone/walk-in inquiries regarding licenses and permits.
  • Maintains an accurate filing system for all licensing related documents.
  • Responsible for coordinating and ensuring that all appropriate department input, reviews, inspections and approvals are obtained prior to issuance of final licenses/permits.
  • Collects, verifies and manages fees, proof of insurance and required bonds prior to issuance of licenses and permits.
  • Reviews requests for completeness and accuracy in order to place legal announcements.
  • Prepares license applications for City Council meeting records.
  • Manages and schedules license/permit hearings before the Board of License Commissioners.
  • Attends City Council meetings as required and presents information on permits and hearings.
  • Issues licenses/permits when city or state approval is received.
  • Compiles and processes utility company documentation for conduit, pole locations, gas lines and underground flammable storage permits.
  • Attends ABCC and State Licensing training seminars.
  • Handles confidential and sensitive information and works directly with the city attorney on legal issues related to licensing.
  • Increasingly leverages available and/or new technologies and manages a continuous effort to improve operations, reduce turnaround times, streamline processes and paperwork, in order to provide seamless quality customer service to the business community. business.
  • Assists with the general functions of the Mayor’s office by providing information to the public.
  • Participates in special projects and other duties assigned by the Mayor’s office.
  • Performs similar or related work as required, directed or the situation.

The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field; 5-1) years of relevant experience; or any equivalent combination of education, training and experience. Working knowledge of applicable state licensing regulations for classes of licenses issued by the Board of Licensing Commissioners and City Council. Knowledge of department office procedures and city government operations. Working knowledge of personal computers and office software (Microsoft Office and spreadsheets).

The work is carried out under the direction of the mayor and chief operating officer.

To apply, visit