City Manager Márquez Attends First City Council Meeting – Pasadena Now

City manager Miguel Márquez officially attended his first city council meeting as the city’s general manager on Monday.

Márquez led the council in the pledge of allegiance.

Almost immediately, some callers began asking Márquez to fire the officers involved in the officer shooting of Anthony McClain.

“As you probably know, we have a critical issue at stake in Pasadena,” said former Northwest Commissioner and former City Council candidate Allen Shay. “This is Anthony McClain’s Final Determination Report. In order to ensure full disclosure, the community contacted the city council and the two former city managers to hold the police to account. This is crucial at this time of the history of the city.

Shay called on Márquez to pay attention to the matter under his direction.

“It’s been two years since McClain was murdered by the police,” said Brittany Pollack. “He should be with his family today, his children. Every officer involved should be fired.

Pollack said the council ignored the public call to fire the officers.

According to the city charter, the city council cannot fire police officers or order the city manager to fire them.

McClain was shot and killed on August 21, 2020 after fleeing from police during a traffic stop.

Officer Edwin Dumaguindin said McClain had a gun and was turning towards him, prompting him to shoot McClain.

District Attorney George Gascón cleared Dumaguindin of any foul play earlier this year.

In video footage of the incident, some people say they don’t see a gun in McClain’s hand as he flees during the traffic stop.

A firearm recovered from the scene contained McClain’s DNA, police said.

The ministry is currently conducting an administrative review of the incident.

The review determines only whether the officer’s actions were in accordance with Pasadena Police Department policy. It will not determine criminality.

“It is your duty to oversee the administrative review. We demand that Dumaguindin be fired,” Adrianna Bautista told Márquez.

Calls to fire the officers have been made by some callers since the shooting.

Activists continued their call to meet with Márquez to discuss their concern.

Activists called for the meeting in a letter to interim Cynthia Kurtz before Márquez began his stay in Pasadena.

In conjunction with the Brown Law, Márquez did not respond to comments.

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