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Job Overview/Summary

It will involve assessing survival and patient needs and linking them to available services and resources. As such, the case manager works as a facilitator rather than a service provider to clients. the case manager will follow up with all protection-related beneficiaries by referring them to services not available in project activities.

Case Manager Responsibilities and Tasks

  1. Responsibility to oversee and track cases requiring assistance, direct support, follow-up or conversion while ensuring that services are provided according to the needs of each case.
  2. Plan and organize information and sensitization sessions with project participants and communities on specific protection, child protection and education topics in close collaboration with PSS team members .
  3. Conduct service mapping to identify available services and assistance for vulnerable people and regularly update the organization’s service map.
  4. Prepare case reports and all documents related to the case management file.
  5. Submit monthly reports to line manager and report any issues in a timely manner.
  6. Develop plans to manage each detected case to meet the initial assessments and goals set for each case
  7. Contribute to the development of the project case management plan.
  8. Document and retain case management records in accordance with privacy and confidentiality rules and principles.
  9. Provide guidance, support and counseling services to all those in need.
  10. Work to respect the dignity and safety of service beneficiaries.
  11. Work in accordance with the minimum standards of the Standard Operating Procedures for Protection.
  12. Do not share any survivor information with other service providers or others to keep the information confidential without permission from the direct supervisor.
  13. Attend various meetings, workshops and conferences and follow up on educational meetings to maintain professional development growth.
  14. Commitment to Code of Conduct and Humanitarian Principles


  1. University degree in psychological counseling, social sciences, humanities or any other relevant field.
  2. Minimum of one year of experience in programs (protection, child protection, gender-based violence, war remnants awareness).
  3. At least one year of experience in case management, pathways and direct and indirect case support mechanisms.
  4. Experience in community protection and advocacy
  5. Good experience in drafting work reports by the required dates.
  6. Good experience in management work, planning, organization and a desire to learn.
  7. Previous work experience in a civil society organization.
  8. Experience with home visiting rules and sending awareness messages

How to register

Please follow this link to apply:

Application deadline: 29-05-2022