Carter Myers Service Manager Carmen Hinton Encourages Other Women

Carmen Hinton has always doubted winning contests and prizes. So she was surprised when her name was announced last month at the NADA Show as the winner of the fifth annual Women in Drivers Video Contest.

Hinton has been a service manager for six years at Carter Myers Automotive’s Valley Subaru in Staunton, Va.

“I was watching it live. I cried. I didn’t expect it,” said Hinton, who started at the dealership 12 years ago as a receptionist. “I felt overwhelmed.”

She had been approached about the competition, along with a few other employees, by Carter Myers CEO Liza Borches to make a three-minute video talking about their experience in automotive retail and why women should consider it a career. The competition, designed to recognize women in the field and encourage more to join them, started in 2019.

As the winner, Hinton received a $1,000 gift card, free entry to next year’s NADA show in Dallas, and an offer to attend a NADA training program.

Hinton, who also worked in the dealer’s accounting department and as a service advisor, says women might be intimidated by working in “a male-dominated field.” But she says her male colleagues supported her, especially when she became a department head.

“The men I work with want to help you learn,” she says. “They … tell you not to be afraid to take on roles.”

At the end she says, “I am a human being, and they are a human being.”

Hinton says she would like to take classes at the NADA Academy to learn more about the service industry.

“It would allow me to grow, come up with different ideas to attract customers and grow after-sales service in all aspects,” she says.

There was a time when she was intimidated by challenges, she recalls. But the support of his colleagues – from Borches down – as well as winning the contest announced at NADA instilled confidence in him.

“My mindset with everything,” she says, “is just to take it and run with it.”