Call to support the local hospitality industry


The East New Britain Province has been asked to give local businesses operating in the town of Kokopo a chance by trying out their menus and packages.

Kokopo Hotel Manager Pious Mano said that in Kokopo there are local businesses and foreign businesses operating and it is good for locals to support their own.

“Customers have their own choice, but I would challenge the people of Papua New Guinea to try us or any other local business operating in the province.

Try our food and accommodation and then compare it with others,” he said.

Mr Mano said they have come a long way and it is very difficult to compete with other established hotels.

The hotel has hosted foreigners and locals alike and has been busiest during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The hotel has quality accommodation including deluxe and executive rooms and has a restaurant, mini bar and VIP conference room.

Mr. Mano said he is happy that hotels like Gazelle International Hotel share customers with them in case of overbooking.

He said this happened after Gazelle International Hotel had satisfactorily inspected its facilities.

“We are delighted, so now I have given them a special rate in preference to their referrals to us,” Mr Mano said.

The hotel is currently running a promotion where guests buy a pizza and get four free drinks.

The Kokopo Hotel is a stand-alone business owned by Sinai Brown and started operations in 2016.