Buyers support local stores during business vacations

SAN DIEGO – Business was booming for small local stores around San Diego supporting small businesses on Saturday, as many residents went shopping for unique gifts this holiday season.

Shopping Day, after Black Friday, is meant to support small businesses that might not see the number of shoppers that large retail stores make the day after Thanksgiving.

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria says he knows the city’s small businesses have been greatly affected during the closures and advises San Diegans not only to support them during the holiday season, but throughout the ‘year.

“It’s not just candles, it’s not just greeting cards,” Gloria said. “There are a ton of things here that I think will definitely serve you well when you do your vacation shopping.”

Elexia De La Parra, owner of Artelexia, says local shopping means supporting individual artists.

“Everything has a story behind it,” said De La Parra. “It’s not just these items that are mass-produced, especially like the artesenia that we bring from Mexico. There are generations of craftsmanship that are passed on with these objects.

Artelexia had to adapt during the pandemic, forcing the company to downsize, shut down for several months, and switch to selling online.

In Mission Hills, Tami Ratliffe, owner of Lewis Fay, says she is happy the community supports her business on a daily basis. Ratliffe opened his store three months before the pandemic and stresses the importance of buying locally.

“I think people forget how easy it is to order online and what it does for a little store and all those little stores, because we all expect the stores to be there when we need them.” , said Ratliffe.

The mayor said the city of San Diego has approved additional financial assistance for small business owners.

“Over 1,000 businesses in San Diego are receiving grants of $ 5,000,” Gloria said. “We know this won’t make up for everything that’s happened over the past 2 years, but we do know it’s keeping a number of people afloat as we work to get the economy back on track and get them back on track. San Diego residents at work. “