Appointment of the new coordinator of the Livingstone Ski Academy

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On May 9, the Livingstone School District appointed Scott Bailey as the Livingstone Ski Academy Coordinator.

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The Livingstone Ski Academy is a flagship program of the Livingstone School in Lundbreck, which offers ski and snowboard instruction and alpine lifestyle experiences for competitive and recreational student-athletes.

Bailey will take office beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, where he will continue to develop exceptional programming and community partnerships for a unique educational experience for students.

“We are very happy to welcome Scott to the Livingstone family,” said Livingstone School Principal Sarah Holmgren.

“His passion for teaching and engaging students through physical activity makes him an ideal candidate for our team. We are confident that the experience he brings with him will help us take the Ski Academy to the next level.

Bailey holds two degrees from the University of Calgary, a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education, and is pursuing her Masters of Education studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

In addition to his classroom teaching experience, Bailey is a certified ski instructor, teaching and coaching skiing for over 20 years in Alberta, British Columbia and Australia.

“I wish a program like Livingstone Ski Academy had existed when I was in high school, it would definitely have helped me find my way into the active life and sports industry while earning credits at the same time. time,” Bailey said.

“I hope that the many students I will have the privilege of working with over the next few years will take advantage of opportunities to develop their confidence, skills and identity through learning on the job, through sport and physical activity. . »

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Jason Clifton, the current Livingstone Ski Academy Coordinator, will take on the role of one of two innovative new location-based educators, alongside Joel Gamache.

Clifton has been with the Livingstone Range School District since beginning his teaching career in 2009. He has taught grades 2-12, served as a group leader at FACES, coached a variety of school sports teams, ran the Fresh Start program, served as both director and assistant director, and helped start the Livingstone Ski Academy.

“I am extremely excited to work with other educators in the Livingstone Range School Division to design and implement programs that will connect student learning to outdoor experiences,” said Clifton.

“The ability to bring learning outside of the classroom and into a variety of outdoor settings will foster skill development, foster a love of nature, increase environmental awareness, and create lasting memories. for our students. I feel extremely lucky to have had this opportunity.

The location-based learning base will be the LRSD Crowsnest Pass Learning Centre, a facility where students will experience authentic outdoor experiential education, environmental education, land and Indigenous programming, FACES programming and participate in artistic experiences, student leadership retreats. , pre-employment programs and educational experiences of international students.

“Placement-based and outdoor learning creates an avenue to help students connect, engage, and develop a sense of self,” Gamache said.

“The shared vulnerability that results from outdoor education is fertile ground for growth and mentorship. Students learn that it is the effort that counts. They come to understand that it’s okay if they don’t have all the answers yet, it’s about the journey.