12Q with offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton | Drew’s Dozen

5) DD: Since working at Pep Boys in customer service, what is the most random car part you can name right now?
HAMILTON: Man, it’s tough. Cars have changed a lot over a long time. I don’t know if they still have timing belts on the cars or not. But I knew it was pretty much the death penalty if the timing belt fell on your car.

6) DD: Are you a car guy?
HAMILTON: I’m not.

7) DD: I know you’re a bike guy. You cycle around the stadium and training grounds. How did it all start?
HAMILTON: When we worked at Stanford, we lived on campus. Coincidentally, the kids’ school, the grocery store, the mall, everything was on campus. We decided we didn’t have to worry about driving around campus. So we invested in a bike. This bike is always a great resource considering it’s a ten minute walk from our offices here to the training ground.

8) DD: What is the main accessory you made sure this bike was equipped with?
HAMILTON: Oh, you saw the baskets. Yes, the baskets. The baskets correspond to the grocery store. Now, you know, this is where I store my cleats, my whistle, my clipboard, all of the above to get ready for practice.

9) DD: Can you describe your crampons?
HAMILTON: Wow. Sometimes as coaches we decide to try and show off. So we want to make sure we’re prepared and have the right shoes to demonstrate drops, throws, routes, all of the above.